Cultural and educational project PROosvitoria


The cultural and educational project PROosvitoria of the Ukrainian Women’s League aims to support and develop educational, cultural initiatives, educational and youth spaces, promoting social cohesion and inclusiveness, and restoring Ukraine.


  • to conduct cultural and educational activities that will promote the study of the peculiarities of traditions, customs and cultural diversity of all regions of Ukraine;
  • to intensify youth participation in the public life of the region and the country; during the war and in the post-war period, taking into account the specific needs of young people;
  • pay special attention to educational institutions affected by the war and support talented young people, promoting their creative realization;
  • implement cultural diplomacy tools to promote the cultural heritage of Ukraine, facilitate the implementation of joint creative projects between Ukrainian and European artists and cultural institutions with the involvement of organizations of the Union of Ukrainian Women in the World.
  • in cooperation with partners of the UWWC, support youth spaces as platforms for civic engagement and democratic participation, capacity building and mitigation of the consequences of war.
  • deepen understanding of European and international standards in the field of gender equality and violence against women and domestic violence.
  • to disseminate knowledge on gender equality and equal rights of women and men, girls and boys, both during the war and post-war periods.

The project manager is Yanina Barybina.

The PROsvitoria project fully contributes to the realization of the Mission of the Ukrainian Women’s League: Spiritual revival of the Ukrainian nation, comprehensive development of the Ukrainian language and culture, overcoming the consequences of the Russification policy, strengthening national traditions and customs, and establishing a national system of education and upbringing.