the Ukrainian Women’s League and Try Trąby Foundation donate medical aid to Volodymyr Territorial Medical Association


Within the framework of friendly and reliable cooperation with Polish philanthropists from the Try Trąby Foundation, the head of the Ukrainian Women’s League Oryslava Sydorchuk, her deputy Vira Chaikivska-Tarlykova and the foundation's representative Myroslav Kovalchyk handed over humanitarian medical aid, namely wheelchairs, to the wards of the Volodymyr Territorial Medical Association. 

Deputy Head of the Volodymyr District State Administration Iryna Lishchuk presented the letters of commendation on behalf of the Head of the District Administration Yuriy Lobach and the Head of the District Council Viktor Khyts.

The war has claimed the lives and wounded many Ukrainians. Therefore, today it is important to implement barrier-free standards in society, create equal opportunities and teach the younger generation tolerant communication. Let's remember that words like "disabled", "special person", "inferior", "handicapped" are unacceptable. The correct form is "a person with a disability", "a person with a motor impairment" or "a person with physical/mental disabilities".

At the same time, Orystlava Sydorchuk visited and handed over wheelchairs to the Therapeutic Department (headed by Vyacheslava Tsybakh) located in the Ustyluzka community.

"To support, help, sympathize, empathize is the basis of our humanity. Today, we must be united in creating a friendly space, defending equality in all spheres of life for everyone, regardless of the physical condition of the individual. Rejection, condemnation, ridicule, insults - this should not be in our society. We must adhere to the principles of inclusion, learn tolerant communication, help people with disabilities overcome the barrier to active life, discover their unique potential, and thus build a barrier-free and open society step by step," said Orystlava Sydorchuk, Head of the Ukrainian Women’s League.