Union women visited the Chernivtsi Geriatric Nursing Home

Members of the Chernivtsi branch of the Ukrainian Women’s League visited the Chernivtsi Geriatric Nursing Home and presented the residents with pleasant gifts.

"Charity is when you help someone in need without any benefit and expect nothing in return... The Chernivtsi Geriatric Nursing Home helps to carry the burden of others, to support them in everything. When it comes to charity, most people think of huge amounts of money and so on. But in reality, elderly and disabled people mostly need care and attention, and sometimes a simple conversation is enough to make their life a little more cheerful and brighter, happier. First and foremost, we, the people, should lend a helping hand to someone in need and not think about further benefits. It's so nice to see a sincere smile on the face of someone you have helped," said Olena Ponomarenko, head of the Chernivtsi branch of the Ukrainian Women’s League.

The guests were met by the director of the boarding house, Myroslav Stepanovych Paraskiva. He said that the facility is home to the elderly and disabled, with a capacity of 155 beds, but currently 176 residents live there. The facility is home to 62 internally displaced people who came from Pokrovsk, Sloviansk, Vuhledar, Popasna, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Kherson. All of them need care.

Myroslav Stepanovych said that the goal of the boarding house is to provide quality services in a polite, respectful, and compassionate way. The head showed the allies how the wards live. Each room has its own balcony, and each bathroom has electric water heaters for heating water. For the elderly and disabled, there are special devices for independent movement (walkers, wheelchairs), individual hygiene and cosmetic care. A nurse's post is organized around the clock. 

"Walking along the corridors, we were amazed at the beautiful landscaping, paintings, and corridors created by the staff of the nursing home. We realized that experienced staff works here, able to cope with everyday problems, organize leisure activities and provide round-the-clock care for elderly people who need extra attention. I would like to thank the director Myroslav Stepanovych and the staff of the institution for devoting a lot of time not only to ensuring the residents' leisure time, but also to their realization and stabilization of their psycho-emotional state. Here, elderly and disabled people do not feel lonely and abandoned," added Ms. Olena.

Charity is still the ultimate manifestation of humanity. Charity is a real thing - material or financial assistance, organizational support, and ultimately moral support to complete strangers. It is not easy to sacrifice your interests and problems, to sympathize with someone, to support, love and rush to help. This is a manifestation of humanity, which, unfortunately, not everyone is capable of nowadays. This is probably why charity has always been respected and considered the highest human virtue.

"Let's not be indifferent to the elderly, the disadvantaged, the temporarily displaced, the disabled who are forced to live out their lives outside their families. The wisdom of the golden age will also catch up with us and embrace us!" called the head of the Chernivtsi branch of the Ukrainian Women’s League.