Unionists of Vladimir congratulated young mothers on the occasion of Mother's Day

Sisterhood members of the city of Volodymyr visited the maternity hospital and, together with the city council and a representative from the Church of the Nativity, Father Bohdan, congratulated the new mothers on Mother's Day.

Sisters Oksana Maslovska, Vira Tchaikovska, Valentyna Zalunina, Maria Luchynets, Tetiana Pasievych and the mayor of Volodymyr, Ihor Palonka, hugged each new mother and gave them unlimited support, faith in their strength and gifts.

The festive atmosphere in the maternity hospital was filled with warmth and love that can warm every heart.

"This visit was yet another proof that joint efforts and harmony can create miracles, especially when the goal is to bring joy and support to new mothers in this special period of their lives. Together, hand in hand, we are building a strong society where every woman feels that her work and maternal love are valued and respected," said Valentina Zalunina, an ally of the Union.