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"Wings of the Soul" - a meeting with Honored Composer Oleksandr Kalishchuk

On August 12, Volodymyr hosted a musical meeting with Honored Composer, Conductor, Songwriter Oleksandr Kalishchuk - Wings of the Soul - organized by the Volodymyr City Organization of the Ukrainian Women’s League and its head Larysa Luchynets.

Oleksandr Kalishchuk is a talented Ukrainian composer, conductor, and poet who writes songs dedicated to the struggle of Ukrainians against their enemies. He is a collector of folklore, a public figure, a member of the Union of Political Prisoners and Repressed People of Ukraine, a member of the National League of Composers of Ukraine, an honored worker of culture of Ukraine, and an honorary citizen of Volyn. His collections: "Volynianochka", "The Bells Are Ringing in the Church", "The Gift of the Soul", "I am a Ukrainian", "Priceless Treasure", etc. As a ninth-grader, Oleksandr Kalishchuk participated in the Youth Organization of Nationalists, for which he was sent to the Serdukh prison camp in Taiga.

The creative event was attended by Orystlava Sydorchuk, Head of the Ukrainian Women’s League, who thanked the artist for the development of Volyn culture: "Dear Oleksandr Pylypovych, thank you for your contribution to the development of Volyn's song culture, for your unbreakable character, for inspiring us to fight for Ukraine for decades. I would like to wish you inspiration, creative work, joy in life, and God's blessing to you and your family. Thank you for your work."

Volyn allies also performed Oleksandr Kalishchuk's song "Volynianochka," for which the author was banned from publishing and performing his works for 30 years.


Vira Tchaikovska-Tarlykova, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Women’s League, also congratulated the composer on his recital: "Dear musical genius of Volyn, we thank you from the entire family of the Union of Ukrainian Women. In your work, we see your life and the life of Ukraine. May God give you inspiration, patience and strength."

The musical meeting with the talented composer inspired the guests, who joined his work with their hearts and enriched themselves spiritually. Oleksandr Kalishchuk appreciates every day because he is convinced: "Every day is the most important in my life. The one that has already passed is no longer the most important, it has passed, and the next one has not yet arrived."