Interview with the Ukrainian Women’s League for Polish Radio on the relevance of the language issue and protection of the Ukrainian language

The head of the Ukrainian Women’s League, Orystlava Sydorchuk, raised the language issue on Polish radio and spoke about the protection of the Ukrainian language.

In particular, she noted: "Perhaps someone will argue that there are more pressing security issues under martial law, but it is the Ukrainian language that is a real weapon in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war."

As a reminder, Orystlava Sydorchuk developed and initiated the Comprehensive Program for the Development and Functioning of the Ukrainian Language in the Volyn Region for 2023-2026, which was approved by the deputies of the Volyn Regional Council. The program envisages holding linguistic scientific and practical conferences, meetings with Ukrainian cultural figures, writers, and linguists, replenishing library collections with contemporary Ukrainian literary works, and expanding the network of language courses, including free ones.

In the interview, Ms. Orystlava also spoke about the cooperation of the Ukrainian Women's Union with Poland and noted that establishing a dialogue with various women's organizations in Ukraine and abroad, including Poland, is a strategic goal of the organization. Thus, thanks to cooperation with some Polish foundations, the organization managed to help Ukrainian children and organize vacations for them. Also, in cooperation with Polish partners, the organization publishes Ukrainian-language literature.

"In times of war, of course, there are priority needs, such as providing for our military and supporting their families. However, culture is a very promising area, and projects in this area will be extremely relevant in the future," commented the Head of the NGO Union of Ukrainian Women.

To listen to the interview in detail, please follow the link. Source: Polish Radio. Journalist: Olena Kotlyar