Head of the NGO Union of Ukrainian Women initiated a program for the development and functioning of the Ukrainian language

Orystlava Sydorchuk, head of the Union of Ukrainian Women NGO and MP, developed and initiated the Comprehensive Program for the Development and Functioning of the Ukrainian Language in Volyn Oblast for 2023-2026, which was unanimously approved by the deputies of the Volyn Oblast Council.

"In the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Ukrainian language has ceased to be just a means of communication. Today, the Ukrainian language is a checkpoint of a nation of free people who overcome the most difficult challenges, endowed with the spirit of freedom, courage, unity and struggle. The Ukrainian language as an important factor of national identity and state-building is one of the main goals of Russia in its war against Ukraine," noted Ms. Orystlava.

This program was approved by the Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language Taras Kremen.

According to polls, 74% of Ukrainians consider the Ukrainian language to be prestigious.

"For the first time in the history of the Ukrainian state, speaking Ukrainian is prestigious. Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian language, being strengthened by the efforts of millions of free people, has become a real weapon in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Ukrainian citizens have become much more conscientious about protecting their language rights. For the first time since independence, Ukrainian society has supported the need to strengthen the position of the state language. Such sentiments have largely prompted the parliament, the executive branch, and local governments to intensify their activities and develop and launch a number of initiatives and legislative changes," commented the Head of the NGO Union of Ukrainian Women.

The main objectives of the Program include: strengthening the function of the state language as a unifying factor in society and a means of strengthening state unity; implementing measures to improve the culture of speech; creating conditions for language adaptation and integration of internally displaced persons and foreigners; providing all services and information about goods in Ukrainian; and popularizing it in the information environment.

"The implementation of the Program will ensure the practical implementation of Article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine on the comprehensive development and functioning of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of public life and will contribute to the creation of a national, cultural, language and information space to ensure the language rights of the residents of the region, popularize the Ukrainian language, culture and historical consciousness," summarized Oryslava Sydorchuk.