90th anniversary of the Ukrainian Women's Congress

The Ukrainian Women’s League celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Ukrainian Women's Congress, which was convened on June 23-27, 1934, in Stanislav.

On June 26, on the occasion of this landmark event, Alla Shvets, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Women’s League, Doctor of Philology, gave an online lecture on the organization and main decisions of the Congress.

The first Women's Congress in Stanislaviv was a manifestation of the power and relevance of the Ukrainian women's movement between the two world wars. At the time, this international event was organized at the highest level by the Ukrainian Women’s League Women, whose head of the Lviv branch was a political and public figure, journalist, and writer Milena Rudnytska. She chaired the first Congress. The forum brought together thousands of Ukrainian women from around the world.

During the lecture, Alla told about the behind-the-scenes organization of this important event for all Ukrainian women and presented the audience with little-known archival materials and photographs.

"Despite the fact that this crowded forum took place under the occupation regime in Galicia, it was not only the result of the 50th anniversary of the Ukrainian women's movement, but also an important demand of the turbulent times, a manifestation of the unity of Ukrainian women around the world and the need to define new tasks for women's organizations. The Congress gained great publicity and press coverage. It brought together representatives of different generations, Ukrainian women from all over the world," said Alla Shvets.

After the lecture, the participants of the event expressed their thoughts and questions.

"On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Ukrainian Women's Congress in Stanislaviv, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and admiration to all women who have worked and continue to work for the development of our country. The Congress was an important step in the fight for women's rights, equality and justice. It united Ukrainian women from all over the world, demonstrating their strength, wisdom and indomitable spirit. Thanks to the efforts of our predecessors, today we have the opportunity to continue their work, develop society and preserve cultural heritage. The Union of Ukrainian Women is proud to continue the traditions established at the Congress. We are working tirelessly to make women's voices heard louder and their rights and opportunities expanded. This anniversary reminds us of the importance of unity, solidarity and support for each other," summarized Orystlava Sydorchuk, Head of the Ukrainian Women’s League.