7 Ukrainian Women's Congress: "Women's Leadership. Time for recovery. Time to rebuild"

Recently, the 7th Ukrainian Women's Congress - "Women's Leadership. Time for recovery. Time to rebuild".

The Congress was opened by its co-founder, Vice Speaker Olena Kondratiuk, who noted that the UWC is forming a vision: how to build a just society with equal participation of women and men in processes and decisions.

The Congress was attended by the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska. She called on women to actively adapt to their new leadership role: "Women are leaders, we don't need to prove it to anyone anymore. It is a fact! We need to live with it, realizing our value and rights. And live happily!"

U.S. Ambassador Bridget Brink stated that the U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine supports Ukrainian women in all aspects of their activities and believes that neither victory nor restoration of Ukraine is possible without women.

In her speech, the co-founder of the UWC, MP Maria Ionova, said that the Ukrainian Women's Congresses are a great opportunity to share experiences and raised the issue of guaranteeing the reproductive rights of defenders. "The issue of reproductive rights of our military should be a state policy, then it will be much easier to solve this issue. And we should all look for sources of funding together. We have to be interested in this first and foremost," believes the co-founder of the UWC.

Svitlana Voitsekhovska, co-founder of the Congress, emphasized that the most valuable capital of any nation is human capital: "The future of the entire country depends on how we raise our children. That is why we are forming a vision in the educational sector as well."

Denise Brown, UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine, opened the second day of the 7th Ukrainian Women's Congress and noted that in the process of recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine, women's voices should be heard both at the local and national levels: "Recovery will take place at the local level and at the national level as well. We want to hear women's voices here."


The Congress was attended by Orystlava Sydorchuk, Head of the Ukrainian Women’s League, who emphasized the importance of increasing women's participation in political transformation and decision-making, and noted that the Congress is a strong platform for cooperation and dialogue between various mechanisms of the state and international organizations.

For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the 7th Ukrainian Women's Congress presented an award for women's leadership. The Mary O'Hagan Award was presented to doctor and volunteer Natalia Leliukh for outstanding achievements in the field of gender equality and women's leadership.